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Polhemus Patriot DB

2 920  ex. VAT
  • Refreshment: 60 hz by sensors
  • Latency: 18.5 ms
  • Accuracy: 0.06 inch RMS x / y / z (0.40 ° RMS in orientation)

Polhemus Fastscan 2

21 500  ex. VAT

• Resolution: 0.01mm
• Scan size: up to 50mm radius
• Accuracy: 0.18mm
• Interface: USB

Polhemus Fastscan Cobra C1

• Fast and flexible: portable device; Easily sweeps complex objects in seconds.
• Analyzes moving objects: the system includes a secondary reference receiver, allowing you to turn, rotate or move objects while scanning
• Auto picker of images during 3D scanning: objects are scanned and stitched in real time without intervening on your computer, eliminating post-processing or the need to place registration marks on the object to be scanned
• Export and format: more than a dozen export formats available
• Surface edit: select and delete raw data points from rounds, enabling, raw scan modification
• Metric or Imperial Units: Allows measurements in the main display window to be calculated in millimeters or inches
• Compact and portable: each unit includes a compact carrying case

Polhemus Fastrak System

6 350  ex. VAT

• Real-time data: With virtually no latency, FasTrak delivers real-time data at a speed of 120 Hz. Get reliable, repeatable results with virtually no lag time.

• Up to four sensors: FasTrak allows the use of one to four receivers (tracked objects), making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

• Requiring no user calibration, the system is easy to configure, intuitive, and takes only a few minutes to get up and running.

Polhemus Liberty Latus

12 845  ex. VAT

• Wireless: wireless tracking means allowing total freedom of movement for the user

• Large tracking surface: possibility of coverage up to several hundred m2 because each system can be extended up to 16 receivers, which increases the tracking area.

• Scalable: four receiver channels are available on the standard system; upgrade to 8, 12, or 16 receiver channels within the same chassis by simply adding the necessary cards.

Polhemus Liberty

7 995  ex. VAT

• Refresh Rate: The fastest and most accurate multi-functional electromagnetic motion tracking available.

• Distortion Detection: This feature alerts the user when changes in the environment are needed to ensure the best results.

Polhemus Patriot Wireless

5 850  ex. VAT

• Wireless: Move freely and without tether in your environment, without optical obscuration problem.

• Scalable: Two channels available on the basic product. Possible improvement from one to four markers.

• Integrated devices for multiple applications or users.

• Simple and intuitive user interface. The standard graphical interface and SDK make adjusting system parameters such as filtering, output formats, or coordinating rotations easy tasks.

Polhemus Patriot

2 800  ex. VAT
  • Cost effective: provides both position and guidance at an unbeatable price
  • Integrable sensors: Because it is not necessary to see it, this sensor can be integrated in the shape closest to your use.
  • Portable and Easy to Use: The lightweight system consists of an electronic systems unit, sensor and source.
  • Installation takes a few minutes and no user calibration is required.
  • This product is also available in a wireless version.