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Prime X Marker Mocap – 3D

3 990  ex. VAT

High fidelity finger tracking Prime X Marker Mocap is the ultimate finger tracking solution for motion capture professionals with triggered recording for Vicon and Optitrack. Highly accurate and detailed digital data that is easy to record, broadcast or view in real time, and compatible with industry standard optical motion tracking solutions through the use of …

OptiTrack Gloves Standard by Manus

4 990  ex. VAT

The OptiTrack Gloves Standard can be used for motion capture in the creation of animations and multimedia projects, as well as an active control system for games and even as gesture capture in assistive control systems.

Manus Xsens Gloves Plus Edition

4 990  ex. VAT

Xsens Gloves Plus Edition have been specifically developed to work seamlessly with Xsens MVN Animate, the 3D character animation software used by industry professionals worldwide. Gloves are insensitive to magnetic interference.


Manus Polygon (12 month license)

1 000  ex. VAT

A powerful motion capture solution, proposed by Manus VR, using Vive Trackers:

  • Full-body tracking
  • Inverse kinematics system
  • Multi-user
  • Compatible with Unity