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Perception Neuron Studio Suit

5 999  ex. VAT

The Perception Neuron Studio inertial system delivers the industry’s first true motion capture. Inertial motion capture solution including:

  • Charging and calibration box
  • 17 Neuron STUDIO Wireless Sensors with Whole Body Straps Kit
  • 1 proprietary USB RF receiver to communicate with the sensors.
  • An Anti-magnetic transport box

Perception Neuron 32 Edition v2 suit

1 799  ex. VAT

Version 2.0 of the Perception Neuron suit, in addition to offering the versatile, portable and adaptable motion capture technology that made its first version so successful, offers new non-slip straps, reinforced cables and a sensor locking system. improved. Take your motion capture to the next level and set your world in motion with Perception Neuron 2.0. Inertial motion capture solution including:

  • Velcro-based suit with data gloves
  • 32 sensors for full motion capture right down to the fingers

New product available here : Perception Neuron 3 Suit