Capturing finger movement and haptic feedback, Advanced Realtime Tracking reveals a compelling new tool in immersion: FINGERTRACKING2.

Advanced Realtime Tracking, better known by its acronym ART, is one of the market leaders in motion capture systems for virtual and augmented reality. Experts in the field, the ART teams now offer numerous tracking tools allowing interactions adapted to professional use cases, including a tool called ”  fingertracking  »Allowing to follow the orientation and the position of the hand and the fingers. The company will be present alongside Immersion at Laval Virtual 2018, the opportunity to look at the new version of ART incorporating vibration feedback.  : FINGERTRACKING2. Note that you will be able to try it for yourself at our stand E34 from April 4 to 6, 2018  !

This new tool is an innovation in interaction, it is the first and only haptic feedback tracking device in the world. FINGERTRACKING2, in addition to interaction and motion tracking, allows the immersed user to feel collisions with virtual objects in their fingers, which is a major asset in the perception of the latter.


A tool on three fingers, but why  ?

Attaches de doigts FT2The company’s experience with its customers has made it possible to identify that the “ fingertracking  ”5-finger was not the most relevant in the VR interaction use cases. They identified that submerged users only needed three-finger tracking  : thumb, index and middle fingers. The latter having a redundant movement with that of the last two fingers of the hand, making the fact of capturing the movement of these additional fingers of little relevance in virtual reality. Based among other things on this experience, the FINGERTRACKING2 is perfectly suited to professionals seeking to improve their interaction simulations through virtual reality.


The advantages of the product:

  • Effectively locates the position and orientation of the hand and fingers
  • Haptic feedback in the fingers by vibration
  • Vibration intensity control adapting to the context of use
  • Different sizes for finger clips


Daimler and fingertracking by ART, a very positive observation

Daimler, a company producing high-end automobiles, has integrated virtual reality into its product development processes and has developed a Virtual Reality Center in Sindelfingen, Germany. It is ART’s solutions that enable motion capture in this center and one of the key instruments is their finger motion tracking tool. This immersive equipment equipped with a ”  fingertracking »ART allows Daimler to do research and development in ergonomics much more efficient and faster: instead of having to rework a real prototype a hundred times for small modifications, they are able to adapt the model directly in the software and to then continue with the tests. These tools provide responsiveness and flexibility allowing the company to respond quickly to many different demands and requirements.

The FINGERTRACKING2 is compatible with Siemens PS, DeltaGen, EON ICube 8, IC.IDO, IPSI Server, Virtalis, VR Concept and Techviz.

Come discover it and try it for yourself at Laval Virtual on stand E34 from April 4 to April 6, 2018  !